About Illinois Menace

We are the University of Illinois women’s ultimate frisbee team, a.k.a. Menace! We are a competitive team and we travel to a number of tournaments across the country to play against other universities. We have a great group of girls who dedicate their time to improving the team and the organization. We’re looking forward to another great season!

Ultimate is a team sport played on a field approximately 70 by 40 yards, with 7 players from each team on the field. The basic strategy of the game is to advance the disc from one player to another by throwing it down the field. Everyone on the field, except the person with the disc, is an eligible receiver and is able to move. Once the disc is caught, the player with the disc has to stop as soon as possible (there is no “3 steps” rule). A score occurs when the disc is thrown across the goal line and caught by a receiver. The game is played to a set score (often 13 or 15) and substitutions are only legal between points and for injuries. Since ultimate is a “non-contact” sport, setting picks or making unnecessary contact with a player is not allowed.

For more information about the sport of ultimate, please refer to the USA Ultimate website.

Ultimate games are very fast-paced and exciting to watch. While many people don’t know about ultimate, the sport is steadily gaining in popularity. In American universities alone, there are over 100 competitive women’s and 200 men’s teams. One exciting aspect of being on the team is getting to meet and compete against women from colleges across the country.


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